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Brume Rat




Full Outfit

Flannel Shirt Only (on the Empyrean Bracelet)


What you get: 🔹 tartan flannel shirt, off shoulder - Griffin Leather Cuffs (so you can wear over other tops) 🔹 cropped sweater tank top - Extreme Survival Shirt 🔹 distressed denim skirt - Ramie Skirt 🔹 Doc Marten style boots - Survival Boots Update 1.1.1 - Added room for big bottoms. Fix weighting oopsie in the arms. Fixed neck seam from flipped alphas. Update 1.2 - Added Skirt Dyes Update 1.2.1 - Added hands (albeit with some clipping), fixed UVs and tank top backfaces Update 1.4 - Clipping fixes for the tank top and flannel. Added materials for some skirts that share models to stop flashers. Skirt color options are now in the install wizard. Update 2.0 - Everything is dyeable! Also remastered some of the textures and redid weights on the flannel.

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Extreme Survival Shirt,Survival Boots,Ramie Skirt,Griffin Leather Cuffs



Thanks to for the Medium Body and to SE for Rinoa's boot mesh, which I've merely retextured. All other textures and meshes are original. Do not redistribute them in any way.