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Solona, Tetsu, Inu

Hogwarts House Trunk


This Harry Potter inspired pack includes:

  • Patronus minions by Inu.
  • Robes and uniforms by Solona
  • House-themed makeups and a lightning scar face paint by Tetsu

Thanks to Iza for previews. Thanks also to Tsar, Illy and Bizu for the Bibo+ body. Fits all tall women models.

All proceeds benefited the Trevor Project.

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Finally, a note about the author: as a member of the lgbtq community myself, it was devastating when I learned that Ms. Rowling decided to become a hateful terf, publicly denying the experience of so many trans people. I felt like something innocent and wonderful that brought me and so many others joy had been tarnished, taken away. When I learned about this project, I thought long and hard about participating because I'm honestly still hurt about it. Ms. Rowling will never receive another dime from me, but I have decided that I'm not going to let her take away something that I love in addition to her other sins. Instead, I'm going to subvert that hatred and turn it into something positive by supporting a charity that I care deeply about.